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The Memory – Shapes & Colors

This has been my jam today. This whole EP is so great. What are you listening to, friends?- Beez

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Here’s a preview of what we have going on with The Acoustic Guitar Project! We are insanely honored and excited to be involved with this…

The TAGP TV Pilot Preivew featuring Carts Before Horses (by The Acoustic Guitar Project)

Here’s a video of Beez performing (and straight up killin’ it, in my opinion) the female vox on American Opera’s “What I Had.”
Definitely one of the highlights from the show on Monday.

I’m a proud sissy.

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Beez and I had the awesome opportunity to sing on this song and, it was so fun! Captain Ivory is full of such awesome talent and it was honor to get to hang out/work with them!
Check out “Six Minutes to Midnight.” It’s knitty-gritty rock n’ roll. :)

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Want behind the scene pics and details before anyone else? Follow me on instagram- @CartsBeforeLola

Want behind the scene pics and details before anyone else? Follow me on instagram- @CartsBeforeLola

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Watch me jump off of high stuff, sing harmony with old hippies, and get maced in the face by a rogue can of sunscreen at this year’s Common Ground Music Festival. 

Video by


AMERICAN OPERA returns to Michigan for two shows next month!

September 7th at The Pyramid Scheme with Jake Down and the Midwest Mess, Good Day Good Sir & Andy and the Pandys

September 9th at The Pike Room (at The Crofoot) with DL Rossi, Carts Before Horses & Greater Alexander

SO INSANELY PUMPED to announce that we will be opening for American Opera on Sept. 9th with DL Rossi (who we recorded our EP with!) and Greater Alexander. OMG SO EXCITED. 

Hi guys!
Here’s a new song called Jonas’ Lullaby that we recorded at our GBS Detroit session!
Beez wrote this song about Jonas the cat from the book We Have Always Lived in the Castle (which we learned about from Sherri of the band Eisley- so, thank you again, Eisley for the inspiration).

It’s a creepy, crawly one and definitely my new favorite song of ours. Whether or not you are a Shirley Jackson fan, I hope you like it!


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lark and lace - lifestyle blogging and pretty things: carts before horses (& free download)

Hey guys!
Our lovely friend, EM Ricchini, did a feature about us on her beautiful blog, Lark & Lace.

EM is one of my favorite “internet friends” and her blog has also been a near-daily read of mine for almost a year now. I love it!

Check out the feature and snag a free download of our song “Caulfield.”



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Remember that time when you all totally blew us away with how supportive and loving and amazingly beautifully brilliant you were? So do we and for it we will be forever grateful.
Recording at GBS was one of the most terrifying, nervewracking, and AMAZING experiences we’ve ever had and, we’re so, so, so beyond thankful for the good relationship we have with them now and all of their support- opportunities YOU are responsible for.

We love you all and cannot thank you enough for the kind words and encouragement you have give us every step of the way.

Here is “Infinite” from our GBS Detroit session. We hope you like it.

Love, Cb4H

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